About the CPPO


The CPPO is a not-for-profit organization and the collective voice of the open loop prepaid payments industry in Canada. It is the only association solely focused on this growing industry and includes the major players in open loop prepaid in Canada.

CPPO Mission Open loop prepaid products are a valuable financial tool offering benefits to consumers, businesses and governments. The CPPO was formed to promote a positive environment in which prepaid payments can responsibly grow and flourish in Canada.


Open Loop Prepaid is Growing in Canada


Open loop prepaid cards are a cost-effective, flexible and easy-to-use payment tool for consumers, businesses and governments to make and receive payments.

Open loop prepaid products are the fastest growing form of electronic payment in the U.S. with $200B USD in merchant spend in 2014. Canada’s market is expected to follow this growth trend as Canadians look for more secure and convenient ways to manage their finances, budget and reduce debt. MasterCard Canada projects open loop prepaid merchant spend of $4.9B CDN in Canada in 2015.

The cards can be used anywhere the card network (American Express, MasterCard and Visa) is accepted, including online and around the world. They are rapidly replacing cheques as a less expensive and more secure option for issuing payments. In addition, they can replace a direct deposit or wire transfer, giving the end user quicker access and more flexibility to use the funds.

Open loop prepaid cards look and function like traditional credit and debit cards at the point-of-sale and offer the same fraud and loss protections offered by the card network with a significant difference — they access a set amount of funds that have been pre-loaded for a consumer by a consumer, by a government or by a business.

Prepaid Advantage 1

Open Loop Prepaid Cards

PAY BEFORE > Open loop prepaid cards access a set limit of funds that are loaded onto a card in advance of a purchase

Prepaid Advantage 2

Debit Cards

PAY NOW > Debit cards are tied to a bank account and access funds in a bank account when a purchase is made

Prepaid Advantage 3

Credit Cards

PAY LATER > Credit cards access funds borrowed from a financial institution to make purchases and paid back by a consumer at a later date